If you own an iPad, there is a good chance that you carry it around with you most places you go, using it for both business and pleasure. iPads are made for this kind of toting, but this portability also makes them vulnerable to damage from a number of different causes. The good news is that if your iPad does end up damaged, that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away and start saving up for a new one. Skilled technicians can return most iPads to like-new condition, even if the damage is serious. The key is choosing the right iPad repair service, with knowledgeable technicians and a variety of parts kept in stock to provide repairs quickly and effectively. If you’re dealing with a damaged iPad, here’s what you need to know about getting your device working again.

Common Types of iPad Damage

There is a long list of issues that can develop with an iPad, but some kinds of damage are more common than others. A few of the types of damage iPad repair techs see most often include:

  • Cracked screens caused by dropping or other impacts.
  • Water damage.
  • Frozen iPad screens.
  • Unresponsive sockets and ports.
  • Jammed sockets and ports.
  • Random rebooting.
  • Frequent crashing.
  • Camera problems.
  • Connectivity problems.
  • Stuck home buttons.

As you can see, some problems with broken iPads, such as cracked screens, are easy to identify. Other problems are internal, so it takes an experienced technician to diagnose the issue and make the appropriate repairs.

Choosing an iPad Repair Store

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go to Apple every time there is a problem with your iPad. Since electronic devices are so common now, you can instead find a store with experienced techs who are accustomed to working on Apple products and who are knowledgeable enough to repair your iPad.

This doesn’t mean that you should take your iPad to any store with an “electronics repair” sign in the window. Taking your iPad to be fixed by a team that isn’t experienced could leave you with a problem worse than the one you started with, or you could get a repair that is just a temporary fix, leaving you to deal with the same problem again in the near future.

To choose an iPad repair store that you can feel confident in, ask team members how long they have been working on electronic devices and what kind devices they repair. Ideally, your repair shop will have technicians who have a long track record of working on a multitude of electronic devices. You should also ask them if they are able to diagnose the problem while you are in the store and if they keep any parts in stock. Although some issues may require further inspection, a store with skilled repair technicians will be able to at least rule out potential causes of your problems and give you a timetable for repairs. Keeping parts in the store is an indication that they work on devices regularly and that they will be able to make your repairs in a timely fashion, so you aren’t left without your iPad for an extended period of time.

Steer clear of stores that give the impression that electronic device repairs are just a small part of what they do, or that only repair a narrow list of devices. These stores are unlikely to have technicians who are experienced enough to provide quality iPad repairs.

What to Expect When You Get an iPad Repaired

When you take your iPad in for repairs, you will probably be focused on getting it back as quickly as possible. The first step in getting repairs is diagnosing the issue. The technician will inspect your iPad and look for symptoms of the problem you’re experiencing, as well as the root cause. In cases like cracked screens, this process will be quick, but internal issuescan take more time to diagnose.

Next, the technician will explain the kinds of repairs your tablet needs. In some cases, it may be possible to repair your device on the spot. In other instances, you may need to leave your iPad for a few days. Once your device is fixed, you’ll get a chance to check it out, and if the repairs are to your satisfaction, you’ll be able to start using your iPad right away.

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