More than 90% of Americans own a cellphone. And the ones with smartphones rose to more than 80% from a mere 33%. With such an exponential increase in the usage of mobile phones, it is pretty normal that customer complaints will be increasing at the same pace as well. So, it is natural if some of them felt deceived by any of the agencies providing phone repair in Tucson, or some of the others felt sad about the services. 

And this often results in triggering certain rumors. And that further arises some of the myths that scare customers and makes them vulnerable to the service providers that might be ready to earn some profits from your situation. Let us keep to those phone repair myths on rest and let you know the truth behind each of them. 


Myth 1: Third-Party Services Providers Hack Your Phone

Are you a famous face of America? Or a celebrity? Then, don’t worry, no one will be curious about anything on your phone. Unlike what you think, the technicians using your phone are tied by legal obligations for not sharing any of your details, let alone hacking your phone. If you are still unsure about anything, create a backup of your phone’s data on your laptop or PC before rolling it out to any service providers of phone repair in Tucson.


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Myth 2: You Can Fix Your Broken Phone With Uncooked Rice

This is one of the most age-old tips that says if you bury a water broken phone into a bag of uncooked rice, it will start working regularly. However, it might be the reason for inducing more errors in your phone. This technique often leaves sugar and starch residue. And that might corrode your phone’s internal parts as well. Taking to the professional will ensure that the right tools or equipment are used for fixing any such errors. 


Myth 3: Warranty Will Turn Void if You go to Third Party Service Centers

No repair center would tamper your phone’s warranty ever, especially if they are experienced or certified. If the service provider of phone repair in Tucson has been in service for more than five years. Then, rest assured that they are backed by top-quality professionals that can handle all kind of repairs using top-grade equipment. You are actually giving your valuable possession without affecting any of your warranty. 


Myth 4: Third-party Centers Change The Original With Duplicate Parts

This is probably one of the most concerns faced by a lot of customers. What if they will take out the original parts? What will be the guarantee of their repairs? You must understand that he is putting a lot of effort into repairing your phone. Why would he slip in any old component when he can get the genuine things at the same cost. It will be more of a hassle for your repair center than you. So, don’t worry about a thing at all. You are giving your phone in the right hands. 

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Myth 5: Repairing Your Phone Isn’t Worth The Time 

Many people think that it is all hassles if you think of getting your phone repaired. And often go and buy new phones, even when their phones are just a few months old. You must understand that if you go to the right professional, then phone repair in Tucson will actually turn out to be cost-effective for you. Whether you have a broken phone or a cracked screen or any other malfunction, anything and everything can be fixed by these professionals. 


In Short,

Of course, many swindlers are running in the market. But, if your services provider is certified and insured. First things first, don’t believe everything you read. Know about your service center providing iPhone repair in Tucson and share your knowledge with friends and family if they face any similar situation. 

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