iPhone repair in Tucson?

Oh!! You are here on this blog. That means you definitely met with an accident. Oops, not you, I meant your phone. Don’t panic!! What am I even saying? Yes, you will panic. Investing so much on the phone in the first place is not a small thing. And if it gets water damaged, it would feel like a never-ending nightmare for you. First things, first, you are not alone. A lot of people face such issues once in a while. Of course, the new generation of Apple products is water-resistant. But, that does not mean they are entirely water-proof.

You must take the right steps. Otherwise, it will create a deadly situation for your phone dealing with liquid damage. However, the internet is filled with a copious amount of knowledge that might be misleading. But, before moving further to phone repair in Tucson, let’s delve into some more information about the following search queries.

  1. How to Identify Water-damaged iPhone?
  2. What Are The Key Indications of a Damaged iPhone?
  3. What Are Different Methods to Fix Your Water-damaged iPhone?

Let’s start answering each of these queries one by one and end your panic situation within no time.


How to Identify Water-damaged iPhone?

Liquid damages can be tricky sometimes. As sometimes, it can be totally obvious but on some occasions, it can be totally invisible. Here is how you can check different aspects of your phone and make sure if it is water-damaged. For starters, you can look through the liquid contact indicator or LCI of your phone. Here is how you can find the location of LCI on different iPhone models. 

Model LCI Location
iPhone XS / XS Max SIM Card Slot
iPhone XR SIM Card Slot
iPhone 8 / 8 Plus SIM Card Slot
iPhone 7 / 7 Plus SIM Card Slot
iPhone 6s / 6s Plus SIM Card Slot
iPhone 6 / 6 Plus SIM Card Slot
iPhone 5s / 5c SIM Card Slot
iPhone SE SIM Card Slot
iPhone 5 SIM Card Slot

iPhone Repair in Tucson

Now that you found the location of LCI successfully, the next step is to check whether or not it is water-damaged. To do that, use a paper clip and take out the SIM tray. But, before doing that, make sure your phone is completely dry. Now, hold your phone with the screen facing downwards. Now use a flashlight to look into the SIM card slot and check the LCI. If your LCI is placed in the headphone Jack or Charging area, then use the same flashlight to check whether or not it is damaged by water. 

Look for the different shades and understand the meaning behind that color. For instance, if your LCI turns red, it means that water already has reached the interior of the iPhone. And that unluckily, you have to pay for iPhone repair in Tucson. If you have insurance, then you are saved as you will have to pay a little less. If your LCI turned pink, that means your phone has gone some damage which might not be covered under warranty. And if it turned yellow, it is good news for you. It is not damaged by water. Yippee!!!


What Are The Key Indications of a Damaged iPhone?

Water damage can be funny at times. It is challenging to decipher where the liquid will flow if it enters your phone. So, if you are confused about whether or not you should go for an iPhone repair in Tucson. Here is the list of damage symptoms that will indicate if your iPhone is water damaged or not. 

1. When Your Phone Starts Getting Hot

If your phone is experiencing water damage, then your battery is the first thing that will be affected in the process. So, keep a check on the hotness and see a service provider if starts behaving weirdly. 

2. When Your Phone Goes Mute 

One can experience damage to the speakers of the phone if they are affected by liquid damage. Although there are chances when the water begins to evaporate, the speakers might start working again like before. So, don’t panic. Give it some time to heal.

3. When Your Phone Does Not Charge

This is probably the most annoying condition when your iPhone does not charge at all. Water might corrode the areas a bit more in the lightning port area. Try charging it with different cables. But, if your LCI is red, no point in doing anything. You will have to go for an iPhone repair in Tucson as your phone is already damaged. If you tried the old trick of rice, try checking your port with a flashlight. Who knows rice might be stuck inside. Gently brush off this debris and try again. 

4. When Your Phone Stop Recognizing Your Sim Card

Your SIM card is something that stores your data. Important information, such as authorization keys is stored in it. Either your SIM card or SIM tray is damaged, if your SIM is not showing on the phone. If not that, it might be a software issue. In either case, you must go for a phone repair in Tucson. 

5. When Your Phone is Stuck at Apple Logo

This is one of the most confirming symptoms that indicate your phone is permanently water damaged. And you need to fix it as soon as possible. 


What Are Different Methods to Fix Your Water-damaged iPhone?

Make sure before checking the symptoms, turn off your phone to ensure that water does not damage your SIM card. The best way is to take out your SIM card and proceed with any fixing strategies. Here is what you need to do to prevent any water damage. 

1. Wipe Off Your Phone 

Use tissue paper or cotton cloth to wipe off extra liquid or water on the outer phone area. If there is a case protecting your phone, make sure you get rid of it. Place your phone and move your hands gently to clean your phone’s exterior. 

2. Keep it in a Dry Area

Once you have clean the exterior, then make sure your phone is placed in a warm or dry place. This will evaporate any extra water left on your phone immediately. It is advised to keep it exposed to the sun. But, don’t keep it in direct sunlight. You can also keep it on the top of your television or a monitor. 

3. Use Silica Gel Packs to Dry Your iPhone

Even after doing all this, chances are liquid is still left inside your phone. So, using silica packs will ensure taking out even the last drop of water without causing any other damage. 

4. Use Hair Dryer

This should be used as the last resort and only if your dryer has a cool wind setting. If your phone does not turn on even after 48 hours, then use this method with extreme caution. 


Ask Tech Guys For Help

Go to the Apple store or reputed third-party service providers for iPhone repair in Tucson. They will check through your phone and let you know about the condition of your phone. 

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